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Note that there is non-toxic material with no smell, pets will easily adjust to it. Our beds & blankets are 100% Safe for your pet.

✅ PATBAW beds are filled with high-loft fiber with 8" thickness of strong support and resilience.

✅ Raised rim and super-soft filling.

✅ High quality plush material makes it ultra cozy.

✅ Soft and stuffed with premium PP cotton makes it breathable.

✅ Durable for long time use.

✅ No pungent smell.

✅ No irritation to skin.

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Product Details

Long Plush, Super Soft and super warm breathable material.

Moisture-reducingto Improve the sleep quality of pets.

Suitable for Every Pet Size.

Comfortable touch.

4 cm plus long plush hair than other competitors

Portable and lightweight,we made it easier for you to take the bed and make comfort available everywhere.

Machine Washable&Hand Washablewithout damaging soft fabrics.

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Benefits of getting a PATBAW

  • Better Sleep

    Your baby needs a bed where they can feel safe and rest easy. Better sleep means a happier dog and a happier owner.

  • Incredible Comfort

    We created our Beds with additional padding and luscious soft faux fur. The result is heaven for pups and peace of mind for you & your baby.

  • Unrivalled Quality

    Unlike other cheap qualities, we have prioritized on quality and create a durable bed that will be loved for years to come.

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